"LunariaN likes to go beyond boundaries set by the industry standard while staying true to rock-n-roll music. They often sail the outer rim of sight and sound but never venture past the ear shot of humans nor their basic instinct to enjoy a catchy tune. Influenced by so many artists ranging from Rammstein, Radiohead to Baroque & classical music, you will experience a new age of rock music as they brand their own trademark style. Unusual breakdowns & progressions, vintage & modern sound mixed with abstract-poetic lyrics which speak loud and true... *love*war*conspiracy theory*anti-social*political* All reflections of their society and life experiences. LunariaN is CUTTING EDGE. REAL ROCK MUSIC." - Willy Clayton of Hooker Studio Productions, Pennsylvania-US

It all started in STAN Jakarta campus, November 2006. Rivelino Ismaya, Dian Ardi Pratama & Fuad Hadiyanto started a band called RiVeL. Not much being done at that time, the band spent most of the time rehearsing at studio, using songs that have previously created by Rivelino and just doing not many performance which all of it are only on their campus.

Mid 2007, Ardi resigned from the band due to his daily job. Cesar Samuel came in and took the bassist position. Around January 2008, Fuad also left out. The band still continues, even began to be serious. Songs started to be recorded properly and the band's name changed to LunariaN. LunariaN it self means Moon Inhabitant. Yes, being different is what the band wants.

Mid 2009, Cesar left Jakarta and working outside the city. Rivelino continues the recording. By the end of 2009, 18 songs finished. The band needs a rebuilt, a full line-up is required. Long story short, In March 2010, the band got them all. Ekky Setyawan took the drummer position, Immanuel Andywillyanto became additional bassist until finally Cesar left out due to disability of being mobile from one city to another, meanwhile Ben Iswanto hold the guitarist position before he also left out and replaced by Anink Edyson in February 2011.

As being said, so the line-up now is:
LunariaN choose rock as their undertone and blend a few other genre into the music such as electronic, baroque/classical and European music, among others. The result is an original non-mainstream rock music while it could be an easy listening one. You can hear many influences in their music and still like no other, it's LunariaN.

So far the songs they have is around 18 and 6 of them packaged in 1 EP titled Experimental Thinking. The tracks have enjoyed radio-plays as far as US, UK, NL, NZ, DE, PH, IT, ID and have been included in quite many independent radio shows overseas. They have been on a live interview with a major online radio-station in New York and took part in a compilation album released in India (both Dec 2010). LunariaN has received so many positive responses regarding to their music & attitude.

Experimental Thinking was released as free-download on Nov 2010 and re-released under Phoenixx Records in Manchester-UK, 14th of August 2011 on digital stores.

Whatever the achievement is, the band is about how to stay original with the attitude. As far as the future goes, so does the band's journey. And the dream is always to keep the music alive as full-time artist.

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