Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Venue: HeyFolks! Shop
Date & time: Sunday, October 02, 2011

Consecutively, we arrived at the venue around 12:00 PM. Cool venue, in my opinion - small stage with closely distanced apparel sellers around it, feels intimate. The show was delayed 1 hour than planned so we're using the spare time to look around and buy some stuffs - Hey, I got jacket! A cheap one! Lol.

02:00 PM, stage time. Overall it was a comforting performance, though the stage was small, it didn't prevent me to move as usual... Okay, it did, but still, it was a nice performance. However actually it could be better if Anink's amplifier wasn't so annoyingly turned off & on automatically. Clearly the problem was not on his instrument because we've done an appropriate check before.

4 songs brought up nice & sweaty, the audience slowly gave more & more attention, especially on the third song (Bodysnatchers by Radiohead) and the fourth, Xenophobia. Annnddd ended satisfying! Seriously, not often Willy said a nice compliment to our own performance, Lol, it seemed he's very enjoying as we all did.

Thank you Hey Folks! See you again next time :)

Rivelino Ismaya

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